Photocopier Machines


A photocopier is a useful machine for small offices as well as homes if you need to print, scan and copy large quantities of documents regularly. The range of photocopiers is wide and selecting the best for your needs requires some preparation. Learn more about the different photocopier types, sizes and features to consider and pick yours.

Printer Type on a Photocopier

The printer is obviously one of the most important parts of your photocopier machine. This allows you to print and make copies. Therefore, you should decide whether you require a monochrome or colour printer. If you mostly print documents, you are probably better off with a monochrome printer, while you would need a colour printer for printing photos and other images.

Laser or Inkjet Photocopiers

Choosing the printer on the photocopier is one of the most important decisions to make. Laser printers offer you high-end performance thanks to their sophisticated internal technology. Compared to inkjet printers, they produce documents faster and are more economical in the long run because laser toner cartridges last for longer. Inkjet photocopiers are more suited for small offices or homes because the print speeds are slower. The ink requires replacing more often and could even dry out if you do not print very often. The inkjet copiers are initially cheaper than laser copiers, but the ink usually costs more than toner cartridges.

Photocopier Connectivity Options

A wireless printer is useful in an office where all the computers connect to the Internet wirelessly. This lets you send print jobs easily to the machine without having to hassle with cables. Modern photocopiers may also feature Bluetooth, USB, parallel port and Firewire connections and you can use them with a variety of other devices.

Useful Photocopier Features

Printing, scanning and copying are not the only things capable office photocopiers can do. In fact, they could be very multifunctional workhorses. The optional functions include stapling, hole punching, binding, touch screen display, duplex printing, automatic document feeding, power saver mode, additional paper storage, built-in HDD storage, adding page numbers to images, security features, multimedia support and user accounts.