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Pianos, Keyboards, and Organs

There are so many brands and options to choose from when looking for a musical instrument, such as a piano, keyboard, or organ, that things can be overwhelming. Understanding the differences in the options, particularly if you are new to musical instruments, makes decisions easier. Buying a piano or an organ can be a large investment, or a relatively small one, depending on your needs.

Electric and Acoustic

Depending on space and the goals of the musician, digital pianos, keyboards, and organs may be more appropriate than acoustic. Acoustic instruments tend to be larger than electric and require upkeep, including regular tuning. On the other hand, electric keyboards are more compact and easier to move, even with a stand and bench.

Upright Pianos and Organs

Upright acoustic pianos take up less space than grand pianos but are still very heavy. Made of wood and steel strings, they are not easily transported for sale. Similarly, both acoustic and many electric organs are large and difficult to ship. When considering acoustic pianos, keep in mind that shipment not only affects cost, but can be damaging to the instrument if not done correctly.

Music Keyboards

Music keyboards are more varied than pianos and organs. They can be used instead of a piano or organ, but may have more functions. There are the portable keyboards that have some limited sampling and recording capabilities. These are typically geared to beginners. Other music keyboards have synthesiser capabilities. Keyboard workstations give users the capability to arrange and record music. Arrangers have the power to be useful for both composing and performing.

Yamaha Pianos, Keyboards, and Organs

Yamaha is just one brand of keyboards. You can find digital, acoustic, and even hybrid instruments available. Hybrid pianos, like the Disklavier, allow the musician to record performances for playback later. Other hybrid pianos allow the player to only hear the instrument through headphones.