Picnic Baskets & Backpacks


When the weathers beautiful, there are many ways to enjoy it, and eating lunch al fresco is just one of them. For a proper outdoor meal, you require a few things: a beautiful location, a fun companion and some supplies, including picnicware. Picnicware allows you to eat conveniently when youre away from home and ranges from sealed drinkware to bags to stow all your picnic stuff.

Picnic Bags and Coolers

In order to make picnics portable, youll need a safe place to keep your hot and cold foods. Picnic coolers are insulated and keep foods either hot or cold, and they have multiple compartments to organise and separate your meal or keep utensils, plates and other supplies. These come in many sizes and designs, including backpacks or coolers on wheels for portability. Some brands to look for include Coleman, Sachi and Thermos.

Picnic Baskets

Old-fashioned and fun, picnic baskets hold all your plateware, including bowls, utensils and drinking glasses. They usually have straps to keep items from breaking during transit, and some baskets may have additional pockets for added storage. Picnic baskets may not be shaped like baskets, as some have all your supplies packed into a convenient backpack or oversized tote with a handle, or you can choose an insulated bag to store food or drinks. There are also two-person sets and four-person sets with the proper amount of plates and utensils.

Insulated Thermoses

Coffee and tea stays hot and juices stay cold with the help of insulated, sealed thermoses. If youre camping or enjoying the outdoors, a thermos is the perfect lunchtime companion. Vacuum flasks use a heavy-duty seal to keep the contents inside fresh and delicious. These vary in size, from kids sport sizes to larger 470 ml bottles for adults. Some brands to consider include Contigo, Oasis and Stanley. You can even select a thermos with or without a handle for easy carrying.

Picnic Blankets and Rugs

Now that youve got your plateware, thermoses and a cooler full of food, you still need a spot to settle. Picnic rugs and blankets give you a soft place to sit and enjoy your feast. Mats have various features, including water-resistance, and generally roll up for portability after your meal is done. Select from many materials and designs, including fleece and cashmere.

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