Pie Makers

Pie makers help you to bake pies perfectly, as these convenient appliances let you take any fillings you desire and bake them into golden, delicious pies. Perfect for lunch or dinner, you can use pie makers to create either dessert pies or dinner pies. Cleanup is easy, and these user-friendly appliances take the guesswork out of making pies from scratch.

Pie Maker Brands

You can select the right pie maker for you by purchasing one from a well-known manufacturer. Brands like Sunbeam, Mistral and Salter offer high-quality pie makers packed with features and benefits. Some models to consider include the Sunbeam Pie Magic option as well as the Mistral Pastry Snack Maker. Each model comes with its own pie-making perks, and each appliance varies in price as well. Remember to consider factors such as how many pies you'd like to make, how much you want to spend and which features are important when selecting the right pie maker.

Pie Maker Features

Some benefits to consider when you're choosing a pie maker include how many pies the appliance makes. Other features to factor into your purchasing decision include a crimping seal that seals fillings inside pies securely, as well as a non-stick interior to make cleaning a breeze. Some pie makers feature a locking latch, and others include a pie-cutting option that creates perfect crust for the top and bottom of the pies.

Pie Maker Types

Most pie makers help you to create pies from scratch, while some heat up premade pies as well for added convenience. A pie maker with deeper bowls lets you craft overstuffed pies with ease, and there are small-sized pie makers with which you can make miniature pies (or tarts). Pie makers range in power from 1000W up to 1400W, which could determine how fast the pie maker cooks. You can select an appliance that makes two or four pies at one time, which are typically miniature pies in size. There are also options that make one large pie to create a single family-sized pie.

Pie Maker Uses

Pie makers aren't just for making delicious dessert pies, such as apple and cherry. You can also use a pie maker to whip up pies using leftovers, or create breakfast pies with eggs and sausage, dinner pies with meat or nacho pies with beans and cheese. The options for pies are seemingly endless, not to mention that miniature pies work well for lunch boxes or quick snacks, while dinner pies are meal-friendly when served with a salad on the side.