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Piggy Banks

Though not all of them are shaped like pigs, piggy banks are an easy and fun way to save money, especially for children. Available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colours, piggy banks make saving change easy for all ages, and you can teach kids about saving and spending with the aid of a piggy bank.

Piggy Bank Types

There are multiple types of piggy banks that range from basic banks with a coin slot to automated banks and lockable designs. There are even banks that help you to count coins via a digital display that lets you know how much money you have in your bank. Banks vary in size, and while some banks only let you put coins into them, there are banks made specifically for paper money as well. There are also money boxes that are shaped less like a bank and more like an actual box. Banks range in era, as they've been around for many years, so vintage piggy banks are options as well.

Piggy Bank Features

You may think a piggy bank is just a bank with a slot for change; however, some banks do much more than just collect coins. For instance, there are light-up banks that do double duty as a nightlight and banks that you can program with a password so that nobody else can access your money. There are even banks that are also toys, such as a bank made from blocks that children can assemble. Transparent banks make it easy to see how much you've saved, and some banks also serve as home decor with cute and creative designs that look appealing sitting atop a desk or dresser. In addition, a musical piggy bank can be fun to push coins into.

Piggy Bank Materials

Piggy banks range in material from basic cardboard, such as money boxes, to porcelain or ceramic designs. There are banks crafted from durable and sturdy plastic, as well as aluminium banks. Choose a stylish pewter bank to enhance any space, or opt for a collectible glass bank. A tin is durable and sturdy, perfect for children, and shiny, metallic chrome makes a stylish statement. Some designs have a metal lid, while others have a rubber stopper that keeps coins inside the bank.

Piggy Bank Designs

You can choose the right bank for you based on which design appeals to you the most. You might pick a classic pig-shaped bank, or opt for a bank featuring a favourite character, such as Iron Man, Pokemon, Harry Potter or Harley Quinn. Stash your cash in a sneaker bank, or a bank that looks like a dog, a teddy bear, a soda bottle or a house. A money jar that counts your cash looks just like a regular jar with a metallic lid, while tin banks often have novelty designs or feature graphics such as "Swear Jar" or "Beer Fund."