Pilates Tables

Pilates Machines

Pilates is well suited to people of all ages and levels of fitness and focusses on building strength, flexibility and endurance. It can be practised through a series of simple mat exercises or by using machines for an advanced workout. Whether you're recovering from injury and can't do floor exercises, or have great fitness and would like to take your Pilates to the next level, you'll find a range of specialist Pilates machines to choose from.

New and used pilates machines are available in a range of sizes and colours including black, blue, green and purple. Typically they're made from a combination of wood, metal and padded mats.

Reformer Pilates Machines

A Reformer Pilates machine will allow you to do a wide range of exercises that target several parts of the body. It uses a system of pulleys and springs to provide resistance. There are also handles and straps to provide support. This versatile piece of equipment features a mat, foot platform, footbar, gear bar, shoulder blocks, headrest, and adjustable straps for maximum comfort.

Choose between fixed and folding styles, that can be flattened to require the same amount of space as an average sized ironing board.

Cadillac Machine

The Pilates Cadillac machine is a raised table that has a mat, metal poles, wooden bars and a series of pulleys and springs. It can be used to tone several muscles in the arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders.

Pilates Chair

Pilates chairs enable you to strengthen your core by sitting at a variety of angles. It's comprised of wooden blocks, tension springs and adjustable bars.

The Pilates chair is much smaller than the Cadillac and Reformer machines and will take up less floor space. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in smaller homes who still want to keep in shape within their given space.