Pillow Cases

Pillow cases create a sense of style in you bedroom. They come in a range of sizes, materials and colours. They can be purchased individually or as part of a set for your bed. Consider the various options available when deciding which pillow cases to buy.

Size of Pillow Cases

Your first consideration will probably be the size of pillow cases. Standard pillow cases are generally designed for use with a full or double bed. You can purchase them in a set, which may be for queen, king or twin beds. You can even choose pillow cases for cots. A accurate fit will ensure comfortability and style.

Pillow Case Material

100 per cent cotton pillow cases are one of the most popular choices for buyers. However, you can find them in a range of materials. Flannel pillow cases will warm you up during the colder weather. Linen or linen blend pillow cases are stylish while polyester pillow cases are a practical choice because they are easy to care for.

Colour of Pillow Cases

The colour of the pillow cases is where you can allow your personality to shine through. White is the standard colour and a versatile option. However, you can select from an array of solid shades, such as blue, pink, purple or green. You also have the option of selecting patterned pillow cases. Consider plaid pillow cases, animal print, polka dot, floral pillow cases and just about any other pattern you can imagine.

Features for Pillow Cases

Pillow cases are a basic item in your bedding, but they can come with specific features. For instance, most are machine washable, while some are designed to not need ironing and might be waterproof.. They may be part of a set which includes sheets or sold alone. You can even personalise them with your initials.