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Pillow Pets Stuffed Animals

Pillow Pets

Children develop strong attachments to their favourite stuffed toys and blankets. However, they might not always be so practical to carry around. Pillow Pets are a unique way for your child to enjoy the comfort of their favourite stuffed animal with the convenience of a cuddly pillow, giving them a soft companion to take with them anywhere, even on sleepovers. If your child has a favourite cartoon character or animal, a Pillow Pet could be exactly what they need to feel safe and comfortable at all times. For example, your best bet for a dog lover might be a dog Pillow Pet stuffed animal.


It’s no surprise that our children become emotionally attached to their favourite toys or stuffed animals, and that’s exactly what the Pillow Pet aims to be. A Pillow Pet should be a source of safety and comfort for your child, so they can help them relax at night or during stressful situations, such as travel.

Easy to Clean

As parents, it’s good to know that Pillow Pets designs have your needs in mind too. The Pillow Pets range is easy to clean and machine washable, so there’s no need for your child to be without their favourite toy for long when it comes time to give them a wash. You can clean Pillow Pets by placing them inside a white pillowcase and tying them up, then washing on a gentle cycle and air drying. This ease of cleaning means you can get the job done quickly before your child realises their favourite friend has gone missing.

Range of Characters

Since their original conception in 2003, Pillow Pets now feature a range of different characters. Some popular designs include the Pillow Pets unicorn stuffed animal, your child’s favourite Disney character, and glowing characters that help in the dark. By incorporating a character into every pillow, it gives them their own personality and further helps to comfort your child.

Soft and Snuggly

Pillow Pets use high quality chenille, which gives them their super soft feel. These unique pillows offer more softness and comfort than a regular pillow, all while giving your child the companionship of their favourite character, too. They’re so soft they can easily fold away in a tight spot, so they’re great for bedtime, travel, and everything in between.