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Pilot Pens & Writing Instruments

Pilot Pens and Writing Instruments

Known for their high quality and attention to detail, Pilot pens and writing instruments work for a wide variety of uses and applications. The products not only make writing a pleasure, but give you different options for taking notes, labelling files, or doing homework that make tasks creative and eye-catching. From smooth, flowing pens to colourful highlighters, the brand brings you the best of writing implements for the most affordable prices.


Just because youre using a pen doesnt mean you cant eliminate mistakes in seconds. Erasable Pilot pens and writing instruments offer multiple options for flawless writing. The brands Frixion line of erasable pens come in a wide variety of ink colours, such as blue, black, purple or red, and provide you with thermo sensitive gel ink that erases immediately and you can write over without worry. Erasing the ink wont smear or ruin your paper and you can choose either clickable or capped designs. Refill the pens when you run out of ink to cut costs.


Choose Pilot gel pens for a smooth, easy experience when it comes to writing on all types of paper. There are many options available when it comes to gel pen style, including clickable, grip pens and water-based gel pens for vivid, bright colours. Use gel pens for writing, drawing or illustrating and the fade-free ink lasts a long time. If youre looking for a pen thats also beautiful to look at, the brand offers wood-encased designs or metal pens that stand out more than regular pens do. Four-colour pens are fun for adults and kids to use.


One of the most traditional Pilot pen types, the ballpoint pen is even better than it was before. Not only does Pilot offer ballpoint pens, but multifunctional pens pack a punch when it comes to versatility. Some styles, including the Dr. Grip and the Evolt, offer a combination of pen and pencil to meet your writing needs with one handy instrument. There are pens with pretty details, such as gold hardware, as well as pens that feature a variety of ink colours, such as red, blue, or gold. Pens with a rubberised grip are easy to hold and use while a wide barrel gives you the control you need when you write.


Pilot isnt just about pens, but multiple types of instruments, including Pilot markers, enable you to get the job done no matter what the task at hand may be. Pilot highlighters contain thermo sensitive gel ink for smooth and bright highlighting, and come in colours like purple, blue, yellow, pink and orange. Choose bright or pastel highlighters and erasable highlighters come in handy for work or school purposes. Dual-tipped markers offer a fine marker and a wide tip for versatility.