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Get serious about your speed with new Pinarello bikes, clothing and accessories from eBay

When it comes to fine cycling machines, you can almost never go wrong going with one of the many famous companies coming out of Italy. A country that takes its cycling as serious as its fashion and its food, Italy is the birthplace of Pinarello bikes. This legendary manufacturer has become a titan of the two-wheeled scene, producing everything from speedy bikes for the serious cyclists who like to get the long session in to road bikes that can provide comfortable, fun transport around town for the casual rider. eBay has a selection of primo Pinarello bikes as well as Pinarello bicycle accessories that can provide prime pedalling power for riders of all abilities. 

How to set your saddle height to reach greater cycling heights 

Whether you're an everyday punter who likes to cycle to the shops or into the office or somebody who likes to put hundreds of kilometres into your legs each month, you want to make sure your riding experience is a comfortable one. One key cog in this aim is the height of your seat or saddle. The general rule of thumb is to sit and clip in or put your feet on the pedals. Push one of the pedals down to its lowest point. Your leg should be straight and your knee should be locked if your saddle is at the correct height. 

Pinarello bikes with their lightweight carbon bodies and variety of makes and models provide one of the best bike options out there. Buy one online from eBay today and get ready to ride.