Celebrate Your Special Occasion With Fun Pinatas

Adding this classic party game to your next birthday party, family reunion, bridal shower, or holiday celebration is a great way to make the event special and memorable. There are all sorts of great designs to choose from, ranging from animals to shapes or numbers. The right pinata can make your next party a blast.

Find the right pinata for your event

When you are picking an affordable pinata for a celebration, eBay makes it easy to find pinatas for sale that match your event. First, choose from kids' pinatas and adult pinatas to find an age-appropriate option. Then consider the design to find something that matches the party theme. For example, you might look for motorcycle pinata, Disney princess pinata, Marvel superhero pinata, or Lego pinata ideas to coordinate with a child's birthday party. Finally, think about the size of the pinata. Make sure you find one that is big enough to fit everything you want to share with party guests.

How much candy can a pinata hold?

Pinatas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the amount of candy you can fit in your new pinata may vary. Check the manufacturer's description to see the products size and use that to calculate the amount of candy it can fit.

  • 16 inch: This girl or boys pinata size usually holds about a pound and a half of candy, enough for eight children.
  • 28 inch: These bigger pinatas can fit two pounds of candy, which can feed about 12 party guests.
  • 34 inch: If you get one of these pinatas, you can fit about three pounds of candy, enough for 16 children.
When should you pick a pull string pinata?

Traditional kids pinatas usually only provide candy when the pinata is hit multiple times, but you may notice that some pinatas for sale have pull strings as well. This style opens up when certain tabs are pulled. It can be a great option for younger party guests or those who will struggle to hit the pinata hard enough to break it. You can find all sorts of pinatas that have multiple strings, so every party guest can participate.

How much does a pinata cost: save money with cheap pinatas

When you want to stick to a party budget, you will probably want to know how much a pinata costs. It is possible to find pinatas in a variety of price ranges. Smaller ones or less complicated shapes tend to be more affordable. You can also find cheap pinatas if you look for lightly used pinatas.