Pine Antique Antique Cabinets & Cupboards

Pine Antique Cabinets and Cupboards

Add a distinct look to your home with pine antique cabinets and cupboards. These beautiful pieces combine form with function to bring you a durable piece that provides necessary storage space. Available in a range of styles and designs, antique cabinets stand the test of time, and their classic look never goes out of style. Perfect for a dining room or kitchen, antique pine cabinets give you a pretty place to display china, photos, or knickknacks and adds elegance to any space.


There may be certain styles of cabinets that stand out to you, and different types of architecture have specific details that may work better for your decor aesthetic. For instance, pine Edwardian antique cabinets and cupboards may have more intricate designs than other pieces, and generally offer lightweight materials as opposed to other antique pieces, which are heavier. Pine Victorian antique cabinets and cupboards feature pieces crafted from darker mahogany and rosewood, and these pieces are much larger and include detailed carvings. Other styles to consider include French Country, Georgian, or rustic options, which offer a shabby chic feel to your space.


First and foremost, cabinets and cupboards add a sense of style to any room. Of course, they also provide plenty of storage. Many people use the numerous shelves on top for storing and displaying treasured pieces of china, since they usually feature a glass door you can see into. Cabinets underneath are the perfect spot for stacks of plates and bowls. Some pieces, also called sideboards, offer accents including mirrors, while some feature drawers perfect for silverware or other utensils. Some models even have a shelf on top for added enhancement and a pretty space to put beautiful pieces for display.


Choose a cabinet by era if youre interested in designs from a specific time or century, such as cabinets from the 1700s, 1800s or different decades from the 1900s. Since each century offers its own designs, styles, and features, select from your favourite era to find the perfect antique for you. If your home already features different antiques from the 1920s and you want everything to blend well together, consider searching for cabinets solely from that time period to go along with your other pieces.

Original vs. Reproduction

While many people enjoy the craftsmanship, artistic style, and look of original pieces, it may not always be in your budget to purchase an older, authentic piece. If you enjoy the style of antique cabinets and sideboards but simply cant afford the high price of antiques, consider purchasing a reproduction. Though the attention to detail may not be identical, the style is the same, and you can find pieces with the ornate details and designs of genuine pieces. Some reproductions are so well done that nobody will ever know the difference, and it could save you money in the long run.