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PING Golf Clubs

PING is a brand known for making high-quality clubs for golfers of all skill levels. A keen golf club should have features that enhance the performance of the player, and PING strives to ensure that its clubs can do just that. For this reason, PING golf clubs and equipment feature designs that give players the tools they need to be more successful on the course.

PING Hybrid Golf Clubs

PING hybrid/utility golf clubs are made to exacting standards with high-grade steel, graphite and other materials for optimum performance. Hybrid golf clubs combine features from woods and irons to produce clubs like the steel PING G, which includes a special tiered design that allows for greater ball distance and loft. The remarkably thin crown minimises unwanted spin for better accuracy.

PING Fairway Golf Clubs

Fairway wood golf clubs are traditionally more lofted than other drivers, so they are often a good choice for using both in the tee box and on the fairway. The PING G SF Tec is heavier at the heel of the club face and includes a design that helps to curve the ball from right to left on each stroke. Golfers who tend to be off aim due to right ball curvatures may find this club to be the solution for correcting their swing error.

PING Irons

Golfers seeking to improve trajectory may want to add PING single iron golf clubs to their arsenal, like the PING i200, which offers trajectory control in vertical and horizontal directions due to playable sole technology. Golfers who want to acquire multiple irons within the same style and design range often opt for iron sets, so that special technologies and designs exclusive to a specific model carries over to all their irons.

PING Putters

PING putters, like the Karsten TR, utilise the special True Roll design technology to help golfers achieve improved accuracy on the green. The back-cavity of the club head includes an elastomer insert and special face design that offers more consistency on ball speed and greater accuracy.