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Pingel Motorcycle Fuel Petcocks and Taps

Are you new to the chopper world? Then you may wonder what motorcycle fuel petcocks and taps are and what they do. Petcocks are shut-off valves that control fuel flow to keep your engine performing at its best. Typically, you find hex and round valve designs, but with the designer line of Power-Flo valves, you have the option of a hex shape with designs of diamond, oval, round or finned configuration. Just because it's an essential part doesn't mean it has to be bland and unattractive.

Brand or Unbranded

For the average rider, unbranded motorcycle fuel petcocks and taps will work just fine, but if you're more of a professional rider, then go with Pingel motorcycle parts. Stock petcocks have an average flow rate of only 828 millilitres per minute, whereas Pingel’s The Guzzler has an impressive 6.24 litres per minute.

Why You Need More Fuel

If you make any modifications to your engine, it will require more fuel to function properly. It doesn't do any good to increase the size of the jets because if the valve does not flow enough petrol, it will not make more fuel available to the carburetor.

Pingel Enterprise, Inc.

For more than 40 years, Pingel has been setting the industry standards in fuel delivery systems. Other manufacturers simply do not match the company's level of quality and performance. Taps are precision machined using high-strength aluminium and polished to a brilliant shine, so it not only looks good but also is durable enough to stand up to the demands of a motorcycle’s engine.

On, Off and Reserve Positions

To get the most out of your product look for one that includes O-rings that ensure a leak-proof seal and an easy turn lever for the positions of on, off and reserve. As the company says, ‘’If it doesn’t say Pingel, it isn’t the real thing.’’

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