Pink Ladies Jacket

Pink Ladies Jacket

Grease Pink Ladies jackets can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The classic pink jacket which appeared in the movie is an excellent choice for any costume party. The pretty satin jacket will perk up any look and make you look glamorous instantly. If you want to relive your good old high school days, you should consider investing in the stylish, glamorous Grease jacket.

Features of a Pink Ladies Jacket

The Grease Pink Ladies jacket can be worn up and down according to the occasion. The jacket is made of soft pink satin material with cotton trimmings inside. There is a zipper in the front that can be left open or closed as per the shirt worn underneath. There are plush black accents on sleeves, waist, wrist and collar. Grease Pink ladies jacket deluxe with interchangeable name badges will definitely add much needed u001aoomph-factor to your wardrobe.

Uses of Pink Ladies Jacket

The Grease pink ladies jacket can be worn in any 50s-theme party, in any costume party, or on Halloween to create an easily recognizable look. Pairing the jacket up with a blond wig, white shades, a white shirt underneath, black trousers and high black peep toes will complete the classic look.

Different Versions of Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

The Grease pink jacket is available in a variety of sizes online ranging from extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. The jacket is also available in light and breezy cotton fabric for those who do not like wearing satin jackets. The jacket is also available in different colours and versions of pink. Some retailers carry it in the classic pale pink colours, whereas some retailers have it in darker shades of pink.