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Pioneer Audio Record Players and Turntables

Pioneer is a reputed brand in audio and has been making high-quality audio and video equipment for over 70 years. The company offers record players for home use as well as audio turntables designed specifically for DJs.

What Makes Vinyl Special?

Vinyl records are one of the oldest mediums for recording and playing back audio. In recent years the popularity of this medium has seen steadily increasing. While some record labels are pressing new albums in vinyl, those who own a record player or turntable also have access to decades of classic vinyl records. Since vinyl is a physical format, it can feel less evanescent than digital and streaming formats. In addition, vinyl users appreciate the warm sound of records and the range of tones. While the argument regarding sound fidelity compared to digital recordings still goes on, there is no doubt that vinyl is a unique audio medium.

Pioneer Turntables for DJs

While the company has been making DJ turntables for years, the current range of Pioneer DJ turntables consists of the PLX-1000 and PLX-500. The PLX-1000 features a high-torque direct drive system, pitch control, detachable cables and solid construction. A rubber-insulated tone arm reduces howling effects while the chassis of the turntable is built to dampen resonance and vibrations. A stylus is not included with the PLX-1000, but Pioneer recommends the PC-X10. The PLX-500 includes features for digital recording from vinyl records, allowing DJs to create digital recordings which they can later mix into their performances.

Pioneer Record Players for Personal Use

Pioneer's current lineup of stereo turntables for home use include the PL-30 and PL-990. Pioneer crafts these designs for audiophiles and includes various features, such as a low centre of gravity for stability, to improve sound quality. The PL-30 and PL-990 are fully automatic and includes a built-in phono equaliser.

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