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Pioneer Audio Electronics

Pioneer Audio is a Japanese company that opened in 1938. Nozomu Matsumoto is the creative drive behind Pioneer Audio Electronics. He started out repairing and manufacturing speakers. Today, Pioneer is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality audio and video products for home, car, and business solutions. The brand was the first to bring the world's first digital vinyl turntable and DVD turntable. Music lovers may find a wise investment among Pioneer products, from Pioneer speakers and subwoofers to Pioneer Hi-Fi systems and more.

Pioneer NC-50DAB Audio Player

The Pioneer NC-50DAB audio player combines everything you would need for your entertainment needs. It features a CD player and network player, both digital and internet radio, current streaming platforms and other music subscription services for smartphones and tablets. This audio player will definitely free up a lot of space in your living room. You can access all digital sources via one of the digital inputs. You also get a highly modernised, integrated amplifier. Connect it with high-quality Pioneer speakers for heightened listening pleasure. You are able to connect this unit to an old school record player for that old-fashioned feel. Yes, there is provision for analogue inputs and a phone input. The Pioneer NC-50DAB features two channels, bass and treble tone control, P.BASS for bass enhancements, Bluetooth, Google Cast, AirPlay, and Wi-Fi. You also have plug and play option for external HD and USB memory access. Power consumption is 50 watts. This audio equipment weighs 6.4 kilogrammes.

Pioneer HM86D Micro System

The Pioneer HM86D Micro System is a network CD receiver system that grants high-resolution audio playback for all your music streaming devices and subscriptions. Play music from your internet radio, Spotify and other audio streaming sites. This audio system has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and AirPlay. You can also play via the CD player or DAB tuner. Two USB ports are also available, one at the front and one on the rear. Control and adjustments are quick and easy through 3.5 inches of LCD display. Work on the GUI and check info conveniently onscreen. Use the clock and programme timer daily if you like. This micro-system grants you good sized Hi-Fi speakers. The output is 65 watts. Get this in piano black finishing with gold-plated brass based terminals.