Since 1938, Pioneer has been making electronics including speakers, stereos and TVs to make your entertainment experience the best it can be. As technology changes, the company continues to grow and remain a world leader in electronics for the car, home and business markets. From the car radio to the home audio player and everything in between, Pioneer has a high-quality product for you that will make your life more enjoyable.

The Company

What started in Nozomu Matsumoto’s garage quickly grew into a profitable company that is famous worldwide, and its slogan is "Sound. Vision. Soul." Sound refers to the audio field, vision to the video part of the product line, and soul is its determination to raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion.

Car Stereos

When is a radio more than a radio? When that radio is a Pioneer multimedia car stereo with GPS. On your next road trip, jam out to your favourite tunes coming from your Pioneer car stereo system. Can’t find the song you want to hear on the radio, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the latest podcast or your favourite Pandora station.

Home Stereos

Pioneer audio electronics are a great addition to any room of your home. Hook up a surround sound stereo system to your TV. Go ahead and enjoy your next home movie as if you were sitting in the theatre with life-like sounds that seem to come from every corner of the room. Another option is to add a CD player with two speakers to room you frequent often so that you can listen to your music anytime the mood hits.

Pro Audio Equipment

Whether a professional or hobbyist DG, you will make a statement at your next gig by using Pioneer pro audio equipment. A 4-channel Prekordbox DJ controller with performance pads allows you to create multiple FX chains. Controllers and receivers are available in a wide assortment of sizes and features to give users the ability to create music in both live venues and studio settings.