Pirate Costumes for Women

Pirate Costumes

There’s no better way to express your inner swashbuckler than to don a pirate costume. A healthy variety of styles, designs, and accessories are available so you can finally force people to walk the plank at your next costume party.

Spanish Pirate

A Spanish pirate is an alluring women’s costume option that puts emphasis on maximum frill. Look for a black, wide-brimmed pirate hat with metallic accents of gold and red. For extra dazzle, consider one often embellished with jewels and large white or black feathers. As for the dress, hop on board in a combination of silky, smooth fabric in red. Finish off the look with fishnet leggings and long, black, leather boots for an eye-catching costume.

Pirate Vixen

Tantalising but deadly, the pirate vixen means business. Pair a lacy, frilly blouse with black pants and glossy leather boots. As for accessories, a leather belt with a gold buckle breaks up all the black, and dont forget a Spanish pirate hat featuring white, lace trim and grey ribbons. Finally, find a black pirate coat with gold buttons and red interior lining to create a complete women’s pirate outfit that is sexy but not distasteful.

Pirate Rogue

This mens pirate costume idea exudes ferocity and lawlessness. Start with black pants featuring a red vertical stripe to perfectly complement tall, glossy, leather boots. On top, wear a loose, thin, dark, long-sleeved shirt underneath a leather vest. Finally, accessories like leather gloves, a matching belt, and a wavy, unkempt wig indicative of months at sea without a single wash complete the entire look.

Plain Joe Pirate

If you’re just not that into fancy dress or dont want something elaborate, try pairing a simple, white pirate shirt, black pants, and a black belt with a large metal buckle. However, you shouldnt forget the piece de resistance: a black felt tricorn to take centre stage—something like what Captain Jack Sparrow would wear.