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Piz Buin Sunscreen

Created to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun, Piz Buin sunscreen and other products work for every specific sun situation, including after sun exposure as well as facial and lip protection. Available in different levels of protection to meet every need, the brand offers a variety of formulations, including cream, lotion, and spray. When it comes to sunscreen it pays to be vigilant, purchasing the most high-quality products and applying them as needed for ultimate protection.


Piz Buin makes it easy to stay protected from the sun. Their line of spray sunscreens works on dry or wet skin, so you don't have to worry about applying sunscreen after you've dried off. Stay in the water and enjoy peace of mind as you swim, or if it's hot and you're sweating a lot. Invisible spray doesn't show up after you apply it, and the brand also makes sprays for those who wish to become tan instead of block out the sun altogether.


Piz Buin lotion sunscreens not only protect your skin, but hydrate it as well. Moisturising sun lotion comes in many sun protection levels, ranging from 6 up to 30 SPF. The non-greasy formula glides onto skin without leaving a residue behind, and there's a separate lotion formula solely for sensitive skin. This lotion goes up to 50 SPF for maximum protection for skin that burns easily, and the water-resistant formula lets you swim and enjoy the pool without worrying about sunscreen sliding away. For best results, you should reapply lotion frequently, especially when you're out in the heat of the day.

Lip Protection

When it comes to sun protection, it's not just about protecting your body. Your face requires protection as well, and the delicate skin on your lips can burn, too. Opt for Piz Buin sun lipstick to keep your mouth hydrated and protected. Available in two formulas, one regular and one with aloe vera, the brand offers 30 SPF in a moisturising and hydrating lip balm. The easy to apply tube lets you generously bathe your lips in hydration as you enjoy the sun, without worrying about the risks of a burn.

Face Products

The skin on your face is different than your body, so it requires a specific product to ensure full protection. Protection and moisturisation are of the utmost importance when you're outside in the summer heat, so select from several Piz Buin face products, including Piz Buin Radiant Face Cream, which is infused with light-reflecting features to add some shimmer to your skin as it quenches dryness and protects from UV rays. For a lightweight feel and minimum protection, opt for Piz Buin Dry Touch Face Fluid, and for maximum protection with an SPF level of 50 and above Piz Buin Sun Sensitive Allergy Face Cream fits the bill.

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