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Plan Drawer

The storage of large pieces of paper is never easy. Office furniture, such as a filing cabinet, helps keep it organised and safe. Plan drawers are a key type of office furniture for architects, planners, and others. When the intricate details on those pieces of paper are so important that a single crease in the paper can create a problem, it becomes important to invest in a secure location, such as a plan drawer. For maps of all sizes, a map drawer can work the best. For most any type of document requiring careful storage, the investment in lateral filing cabinets is essential, but finding the right option doesn't have to be a challenge.

Plan Cabinetry

Plan cabinetry tends to have some basic features. Most are made of wood or metal, depending on the consumer's needs. Some of the newer models are made of a plastic resin that adds more water resistance. Plan cabinetry can range from four to ten drawers. A four-drawer file cabinet is most common. These filing cabinets come in numerous colours with a variety of widths from which to select.

Map Drawers

Map drawers are much the same, but some offer additional features. For antique and vintage storage of maps, select those with a fabric or padded interior within the drawers. The drawer width and length matter significantly here since many maps are rolled up initially or have a larger binding. Drawers must shut properly to ensure they keep dust and rodents from accessing the stored materials.

Vertical Plan Cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets are flexible in their use. Some are used by architects to store plans, but others are used in office spaces for diagrams, marketing materials, and displays. Vertical plan cabinetry can be used in a variety of ways, but tend to have the same needs. Items must be easy to access when needed, but allow for easy organisation. Some stack on top of each other to allow for the addition of more drawers as the need for them grows.

Plan Drawers on Wheels

One of the options available in more modern, rather than antiqued, map cabinets is the addition of wheels. Plan drawers on wheels feature caster-like wheels to allow items to move from one area or room to the next. These can be important in large offices where flexible storage is important.