Planet shoes specialise in out-of-this-world comfort for people who need to be on their feet all day.

Planet walking shoes

Planning a walking holiday? Step out in style and unparalleled comfort with Planet’s range of feet-first sandals, shoes and boots. With cushioned soles, arch-support and extra padding around the heel to absorb impact, you’ll love wearing your Planets even after a day of wandering through cobblestone streets - whether your journey takes you as far as Melbourne, Paris or Tuscany.

Planet sandals

Looking for sandals that are as comfortable as they are cool? Shop the Planet range of open-toe and closed-toe sandals today. Choose from slide-on and strappy styles, in classic leather or soft, lightweight, man-made uppers. Whichever Planet sandals you choose, you can look forward to comfortable, supportive sandals made with cushioned soles, quality materials and an outstanding fit, thanks to discrete elastic inserts that keep your foot in place without squashing.

Tired of shoes that chafe your ankles? Planet sandals come in a diversity of ankle-strap-free designs, like thongs and chunky cork-soled slides, but every pair of Planet sandals that does have an ankle strap includes an extra collar of padding around the ankle.

If your feet tend to swell, look for designs with adjustable fasteners. These will allow you to expand the shoes when you need, but keep them comfortably snug the rest of the time.

Zip-on shoes and indoor slippers

For fuss-free comfort and support, choose from Planet’s range of slip-on and zip-on shoes. You’ll find dressy styles like classic leather mary-janes and airy, laser-cut dress shoes in suede and leather, as well as smart casual styles like loafers and sneakers - all easy to get on and off.

Planet shoes prove that easy-to-wear shoes don’t have to be flimsy or shapeless - instead, it’s all about designing shoes with an understanding of how your feet feel at the end of a long day, using careful tailoring and quality materials that are up to the task.