Plant Baskets, Pots, Window Boxes & Saucers


Enhance Your Greenery With Plant Baskets, Pots, Boxes

As the amount of time, we spend in our homes has increased dramatically over the past few years, so has our desire to incorporate greenery into our everyday living. Houseplants are taking over our homes, and elegant baskets appear to be one of the best ways to display them. 

There are plenty of options for plant baskets, pots, window boxes and saucers on eBay. You could opt for plain black or go for a variety of coloured plant baskets to give your home a more distinct appearance. 

Guide to plant baskets, pots, window boxes, and saucers

  • Plant baskets make great houseplant holders for sunny windowsills and are a beautiful and decorative way to add more colour to your window. They can be used for flowers, shrubs, indoor plants, and even herbs or other edibles.
  • A popular choice for houseplants is a plastic pot. Plastic pots are affordable, lightweight, and don't need watering like clay. Besides plastic, other materials to choose from include glazed pottery, metal, and basketry. There are many styles to choose from and they’re generally designed to be attractive and functional. 
  • When choosing the ideal pot, you need to consider the size and shape you want, as well as the support structure. If hanging the basket from the roof, you want to make sure the roof is strong enough to hold it. 
  • With indoor baskets and pots, the most crucial consideration is drainage. If the pot does not provide adequate drainage, plants can become over-watered, which can harm them. Remember too much water is as detrimental to the health of plants as too little water is.

Shopping online for plant baskets

Window boxes and hanging baskets are great for small spaces and can be easily changed seasonally to suit the season. You’ll find a huge variety of designs available on eBay. While you’re here, you might also like to shop for potting mix, hanging planters, and you’ll need plant hooks to keep it in place.

In addition to pots and baskets, you’ll find a huge range of window boxes and saucers for indoor and outdoor plants. They’re suited for small or large plants, and you can set your price point, so you don’t go over budget. Shop for great deals on plant baskets on eBay today.