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Plant Labels

When you're growing multiple herbs or plant types, you need to identify them so you know throughout the process which is which. Plant labels are the easiest way to do this. These garden accessories work in planters, window boxes, or on the ground itself to help you organise and identify everything from vegetables to flowers to herbs.

Tied Down

Plant ties and supports may keep vegetables or vines growing in the proper direction, but to ensure you know what each one is, you need plant labels. There are several types of labels, and one popular type is the tie-on tag. These waterproof tags simply loop around a planter or a plant itself, and there's plenty of room to write what the plant is. You can also use them to label tools or other garden supplies. They attach with either wire, cables, or twist ties.

Raise the Flag

Flags come in different colours to easily colour-code your garden. Attached to either a slim plastic or wire piece, they easily insert straight into the dirt. You can write on the labels or leave them as they are, and they hold up to reuse as well as the elements. Made of flexible plastic, plant flags come in large or small sizes depending on what you need them for, making them a versatile as well as affordable way to organise your plants.

What's At Stake

Although flags may work better for flowers and herbs in pots and attached by plant hooks and hangers, stakes are better for actual garden use. Made of durable wood, stakes have a sharp, pointed end that slides easily into the ground for garden identification. Buy pre-labelled stakes, or blank ones that let you fill in your own plants or herbs. Some stakes are metal, so it's really a matter of personal preference when you purchase garden stakes.

Fantastic Plastic

Stakes and labels come in different materials, and though they are all water-resistant, they differ according to size, price, and aesthetic. Wood stakes weather well, while plastic is tear-proof and affordable. Metal labels look shabby chic, which may complement your existing decor. Small chalkboard labels add a fun look to potted plants.