Plant Raised Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Make the most of a courtyard, balcony or small outdoor space by setting up raised garden beds for herbs, vegetables or flowers. A raised planter box will allow you to create a contained, rich soil plot, perfect for growing your own vegetables and herbs for dinner! Raised garden beds are available in a range of different materials and designs. A raised planter box can be individually designed and constructed from recycled materials, whilst others will be ready made for immediate use. Raised garden beds made from iron are lighter and more easily portable, but wooden beds can be better for drainage. You can also purchase the various parts you need to assemble your own raised planter box online via eBay. There is a considerable range in terms of both new and second-hand garden beds available for online purchase, so you may potentially end up with a completely unique design by a keen fellow gardener for a fantastic bargain price!

Setting up raised garden beds: find all the tools and supplies you need

Once you've purchased your raised planter box, or put one together yourself, you'll need to turn it into a functioning garden! Browse a huge online range of gardening supplies and garden hand tools and equipment, and then start working on your plot. The tools you need depend on whether you're looking to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs, so it is well worth reading up on whichever one you decide to go with. You'll need different drainage systems, different means of splinting or separating seedlings, and will need to learn certain pruning techniques depending on the plant. Once you've made a list of what you need, the easiest way to find it all in once place is to purchase online with eBay, so start ticking things off now and you'll be a proud gardener in no time!