Plastic Dressers and Chests of Drawers

Every home, office, school and shed needs storage space, so why not clear the clutter and get organised with the help of plastic storage drawers? These items are generally made from durable hard-wearing plastic and include removable slide-out drawers for maximum convenience. Its the ideal storage solution for your bedroom, living area, study, rumpus room, bathroom, garage, office cubicle or anywhere that tends to get too messy, too quickly. Plastic storage boxes can also be handy for businesses such as beauticians, hairdressers, child care centres and of course tradies. Fill the drawers with anything from light paper to heavy tools and get on with your day in a clear environment.

Size and space

Plastic storage drawers can be as small as a 3-drawer unit for a few bits and pieces or as large as a 41-draw tool and accessory case. You can find 4-tier, 5-tier and 6-tier vertical storage sets capable of holding all sorts of important or rarely used items. If you need to organise relatively bulky items, consider a storage box with individual drawers sized approximately 30.5cm x 39.5cm 17cm. The overall dimensions of a 4-drawer unit like this would be around 35.5cm x 43cm x 81cm, and the weight approximately 5kg. Looking to store extra large items like power tools or sports equipment? You may want a plastic storage unit with drawers sized 46.5cm x 35cm x 22.5cm. Also need storage space around the home for shoes, clothes, linen, handbags or other accessories? Different types of closet organisers can help you keep any room neat and tidy.


The big tool boxes come with a variety of drawer sizes and holes at the back for securing to the wall. Small units with up to 6 levels are very easy to assemble and stand freely on the floor. Drawers usually feature two fins on the bottom to prevent sliding out while in use.

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