Time for a clear out or a clear up? If you're trying to re-organise your space or make more space by putting some of your stuff into storage, some dependable sturdy plastic storage containers from eBay could be just the thing you're looking for.

Clever storage

eBay has a broad range of options for you when it comes to storage, whether you're reorganising your garage, archiving files in your office or storing the kids' toys and old clothes you just can't bear to part with.

Lock down lids keep the contents clean and dry so you can worry less about damage, and rollers underneath make it that much easier to move even heavy containers around.

The tax office expects you to keep all your records and receipts for five years, but that doesn't mean you have them hanging around your home office. Archive your tax records in a sealed plastic tub and pop them in the attic, or alternatively make use of the flat under-bed tubs on rollers to get them out of the way. Under bed tubs come in several sizes and are an excellent seasonal option for storing winter clothes in the summer months, and vice versa, freeing up space in your wardrobe, too.

Outdoor storage

Looking for a dry space to store your outdoor furniture cushions and seat pads during the winter months? Maybe you need a shed for your garden tools but don't have room for something that large. eBay has pages of solutions for your outdoor storage needs with water and weather-proof storage chests made from heavy duty polyethylene. You'll find easy to assemble, generous 290L, outdoor storage chests with adjustable lockable lids and wheels for easier mobility in a variety of attractive finishes, including a nice weatherboard look.

Small plastic storage

If your storage problems are small ones, eBay can help you there, too, from colourful, stackable kitchen organisers to pantry food storage in the form of Tupperware Modular Mates and other Tupperware solutions.

Come to eBay and find the tools you need to get your and your family organised today!