Plastic Individual Food Storage Containers

Where there is food involved, there is generally also a need for effective and safe storage. This is where plastic food storage containers have become a must-have in most households and workplaces. Common brands providing quality options include LOCK&LOCK, Sistema and Tupperware.

Types of Plastic Containers

The type of food storage or plastic container you need will depend on what you are using it for. If you are cooking ahead in large batches for storage in the freezer, it might be best to go for freezer-safe, rectangular two-litre containers that will stack well. Half-portions of left-overs after a meal are best stored in one of the small sizes available.

Microwave Safe Containers

If you plan on re-heating your food in the storage container then it is essential to ensure it is deemed microwave safe. Most of the food storage products do have this as a standard feature but, not all do.

BPA-Free Plastic

Some research suggests that BPA in plastic products can have adverse health effects as the BPA can potentially leach into food or liquid and then be consumed by the user. Health authorities advise choosing BPA-free plastic products to avoid this potential hazard. Almost all plastic food storage containers are now BPA-free; however, it still is important to check before making a purchase.

Container Sets and Bulk Buy Options

There are handy plastic food storage sets available which vary from having a few to over forty different containers as a perfect starter pack. If you are in business or store food in bulk at home, there are also bulk takeaway container sets available in different options including 500ml, 650ml, 750ml and 1000ml. For most bulk buy offerings the number of pieces listed includes the container and a lid as a set. For example, a 100-piece set would include 50 containers and 50 matching lids, not to be confused with 100 sets in total.