Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic Flower and Plant Pots

Showcase the results of your green-fingered pursuits in plastic flower and plant pots that not only contain the plant for optimal growth, but act as a significant garden feature when chosen for flair. Choose from the vast array of unbranded plastic flower and plant pots and boxes or proven brands, such as Jiffy, Gardman and Topsy Turvy, to find a pot that fits your plants needs best.

Advantages of Plastic Flower and Plant Pots

Plastic flower and plant pots offer great choice as they come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They are also easy to care for, do not bend or break easily, and if they do, are cheaper to replace than plant pots made from other materials, like terracotta. Plastic plant pots are excellent for the outdoors because they are tough enough to withstand the elements, and most have sufficient drainage holes for your flower or plant.

Plastic Pot Sizes

Choose a plastic pot size that provides good drainage, allows for a sufficient potting mix and is appropriate to your space. A pot that is too large may cause damage to the developing roots, while a pot that is too small does not give the flower or plant sufficient water or nutrients.

Playing With Pot Colours

Strong primary colours draw attention to the pot, creating contrast, while pots in subtle hues complement the plants growing in them. Consider black or dark-hued plastic pots for shaded spots away from the sun as they heat up quickly and retain their heat, while the white or light-coloured pots are better suited to sunny areas as they heat up and lose heat quickly, protecting your plants roots from damage.

Features of Plastic Plant Pots

For those who forget to water their plants or are going on holiday, self-watering plastic flower and plant pots keep your plants well-watered while youre away, and offer the added benefit of saving water. Illuminated pots, on the other hand, create a festive atmosphere for your patio party.

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