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Platform Ladders

Every handyman, tradie, painter and construction business needs a platform ladder to get up high and get the job done, but this equipment is also very useful for the DIY specialist who handles general maintenance and loves taking on a home improvement challenge. Theres no such thing as a hard-to-reach area when youve got a versatile ladder platform in the shed or truck. If safety, stability and convenience are high on your priority list, its time to find a quality platform ladder on eBay.

Platform step ladders

These all-rounders offer the simplicity of standard step ladders with the practical benefits of a larger platform, so you can climb up, stand up and stay up without worrying about your balance or stretching beyond your limits. Fiberglass platform ladders usually have either 4 or 6 steps, including the main platform step. A standard 6-step trade platform ladder might be approximately 2800mm high with the platform at a height of 1800mm. On a model like this, the platform dimensions will be around 490mm x 380mm, which is significantly wider than the steps on a standard step ladder. This type of ladder is made from aluminium and weighs approximately 13kg. Other multi-purpose platform step ladders are designed with a square platform working surface, for example 280mm x 280mm. Picker platform ladders include handrails and are perfect for use in warehouses. Folding ladders can be used as a straight aluminium ladder , step ladder or A-frame double ladder depending on the job.

Mobile scaffold ladder platforms

For your larger DIY projects, you might need scaffold platform ladders to provide a wider working surface of around 1870mm x 740mm, along with a maximum weight capacity of 450kg. This platform is also a safe place to rest your tools and keep them within reach while you work. You can generally adjust the height of the platform from 700mm up to 1800mm, making this style of ladder platform extremely versatile. This kind of self-standing platform has lockable wheels for mobility and steadiness.

Find your ideal platform ladder on eBay now!