The iconic platypus is a popular subject for Australian collectables. Although you are unlikely to ever see one in the wild, it’s easy to shop online for a wonderful collectable platypus to give as a gift, or take home as a souvenir.

Platypus collectibles range from road signs to collectible cereal cards, from tableware to fine pewter figurines, jewellery, letter openers and more.

Collectible platypus figurines

Something about these elusive, unusual, cuddly but utterly bizarre marsupials calls out to be collected. The graceful motion of platypuses swimming in their watery habitats gives figurine artists so much movement and energy to play with in three-dimensional space. This means that compared to other Australian fauna you’ll find platypus figurines in a stunning variety of poses, giving life and dynamism to any collection of figurines.

A popular material for platypus figurines is handcast fine pewter. Solid pewter looks similar to silver but with some brilliant advantages - it has a beautiful deep luster and requires no upkeep. Unlike silver, fine pewter will not tarnish.

Ceramic platypus figurines make a lovely addition to figurine collections. You can find them in complementary pairs, swimming around each other - sometimes as delicate salt and pepper shakers, often just as figurines for art’s sake. For a variation on ceramic that feels a little less Victorian and more uniquely Australian, why not shop pottery platypus collectibles, made from Australian clay?

Collectible platypus jewellery

Platypus jewellery makes a wonderful gift for nature-lovers. The elusiveness of the platypus makes them especially suited to people who may be seldom-seen socially, but are unique. Online, you’ll find platypus brooches, earrings, pendants and more. When you’re not wearing them out, these delicate creatures make lovely decorations on dressers or in display cabinets.

Collectible platypus letter openers

Letter openers are a classic collectable - functional and durable enough that they can be used regularly. A platypus-adorned letter opener makes a fabulous gift for a pen-pal living outside Australia.