Play-Doh is one of the world’s most famous kids’ toys, and this simple modelling compound has expanded into a huge range of tools and toys now available today. Play-Doh is the ideal way to embrace your child’s creative side and gives them endless opportunities to do whatever their imagination can create. Play-Doh craft supplies offer tools and accessories for cutting, slicing, creating shapes and mixing colours, with some even featuring beloved kids' characters like Trolls and My Little Pony.

Range of Colours to Create With

When Play-Doh first launched, it only came in one off-white colour for kids to play with. These days, there are over 50 colours available for children to enjoy with shades in every colour of the rainbow. Each Play-Doh colour comes in its own container for easy storage with an airtight lid to prevent them from drying out between uses. For younger children, Play-Doh serves as a fun option for preschool toys, as it is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic for children, so there’s no need to worry about their safety.

Play-Doh Sets

The Play-Doh range has extended far beyond just the modelling compound with many different sets available that allow children to explore cooking, craft, design, counting and textures, no matter their age or skill level. Some popular Play-Doh sets include their Fun Factory and Shape and Learn products that come with a range of tools and accessories for them to use with their clay.

Creative and Educational For Children

Play-Doh allows children to make their own creations and use their imagination in everything they do. Whether they’re using Play-Doh sets and tools to work with the modelling compound or playing with their own hands, they’ll get hours of fun and education from this unique toy. This open-ended learning toy means your child will be entertained and educated at the same time, with endless possibilities from just one tub of Play-Doh.

All of Your Kids’ Favourite Characters

Play-Doh has paired with some of your children’s most beloved movies, books and TV shows to make their products even more exciting. Just a few of the familiar faces you might expect to see in Play-Doh products include My Little Pony, Minions, and Disney Princesses that allow your child use their imagination to create with their favourite characters.