Enhance your gaming with PlayStation 4

If you're new to gaming, or you are looking to upgrade your old Sony PlayStation 3 console, the PlayStation 4 is an optimal choice. First released in 2013, the PS4 consoles on eBay have a range of benefits that has made it one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time.

Easy setup

The PS4 is designed for easy gaming. From setting up your PlayStation Network with your own unique avatar and colour scheme through to accessing the customisable quick menu so you can have easy access to your friends list, sound and device settings, you're always only a few button pushes away from play.

The console also makes it easy to stream video via PlayStation Vue, YouTube, Netflix and other services, making the PlayStation 4 a key part of your home entertainment setup.

PlayStation 4 features

One of the fun features with the PS4 is the Share button on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller. This allows you to capture and save screenshots which you can then share on your What's New newsfeed, or upload directly to Twitter, YouTube and more. You can also Share Play, which allows your PS4 friends to watch you play, take over the controls and play for themselves or join you as a second player.

If you're buying a PS4 for the kids and have concerns about security, there are parental controls and family settings so you can decide whether they have access to online features. You can also set viewing restrictions and gameplay time limits.

If you want to take your gaming a step further, you might also take a look at the PlayStation 4 Pro console, which is a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. It produces higher resolution for your games and adds more visual effects.

Whatever gaming experience you're after, the PS4 makes for great entertainment. Check out the range on eBay today and get ready to transform your gaming experience.

Ps4 Afterpay

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