Playmobil Preschool Toys

PLAYMOBIL Preschool Toys

PLAYMOBIL preschool toys spark children's imaginations as they learn about the world through interactive play. The company has inspired the minds of kids worldwide since 1974 by providing these imaginative child-development toys that encourage creativity. Moreover, parents can pick a specific PLAYMOBIL that their children like or one that develops a life-long interest such as a construction or gardening theme. You'll find an activity theme that your child and a friend will love exploring for hours.


Chilvalry is not dead as knights PLAYMOBIL preschool toys let children role play, for example protecting a king and his kingdom. Play boxes include functioning crossbows, miniature knights and gear such as helmets and swords. Likewise, children can fight dragons, a giant troll or lions. There's even a castle that includes a drawbridge, hidden stairs and a secret hiding place to stash treasure.  When playtime is over, each PLAYMOBIL folds up to store, awaiting for the next adventure.

PLAYMOBIL Action Heroes

Children identify with people in action such as firefighters and policemen which is why PLAYMOBIL action heroes preschool toys can teach young minds how to help others. For example, a PLAYMOBIL fire station includes a fire truck, ladders and a hose tower. Children can sound the alarm and use the control board to monitor emergency calls. Furthermore, a police headquarters features a helicopter landing pad and a prison with a wall where inmates escape routinely. The miniature figures and accessories help children feel like they are part of the action.

PLAYMOBIL Princesses

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Princesses PLAYMOBIL preschool toys make her dreams come true as she plays in a royal palace that has play furniture. Likewise, there's a PLAYMOBIL castle stable that includes a saddle for the horse and a brush for its tail. Another playset includes a carriage for a royal couple to enjoy on their wedding day or life as husband and wife. The coach roof opens, the front axle moves and there's a storage area for a tiny picnic basket.