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Playtex is an incredibly well-known global intimate apparel brand, offering the best support and a beautiful fit. Way back in 1965 they released the Cross Your Heart bra, and in 1970 the 18 Hour Bra – these inventions made Playtex a household name, and since then they’ve been a leader in providing support and style to all women, specialising in solutions for harder to fit figures.

Whether you want your intimate apparel to be sexy, functional, fashionable or all three, you don’t need to look any further than Playtex. As part of the massive Hanes Apparel company, you can be assured that the designers at Playtex know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to creating beautiful bra solutions for all women – they’ve been doing it for decades, and they’ll be doing it for many years to come.

So, if you need plus-size bras, underwire, wire-free, lace bras or even active bra support, Playtex has something to offer you, and all designs are crafted with women’s’ individuality in mind. Start your shopping now!

Bras for all shapes and sizes

All women need support, whether you’re slim or a fuller figure. One of the big complaints from women is that many intimate apparel brands simply don’t cater for women of all sizes. If you’re bigger in the bust, it can sometimes feel impossible to find bras that really offer the support you need. And if you want something that looks great and sexy, forget about it!

Well, thanks to Playtex, you can put those concerns aside. Playtex believe that all women deserve to be supported by their bras, and everybody has the right to feel sexy too. Owning a bra that looks great and enhances your figure is just one of many ways you can boost your confidence when you’re out and about. 

Playtex sizing charts go up to a G cup, so you know that whatever your size and shape, Playtex is bringing you sexy, stylish and supportive bra designs you’re going to love. 

Wirefree bras

Sometimes when you want the absolute ultimate in comfort, the only option is a wirefree bra. If you struggle to find underwire bras that give you the real comfort you desire, it may be worth looking into some wirefree options, and what better place to start than Playtex!

Playtex wirefree bras are made from quality materials and are all designed for maximum support, without the risk of being poked by uncomfortable underwire. Many of the styles are also purpose designed to provide lift as well as support. You can even find wirefree options specifically designed for active life.

Whether you like a plain, functional design or a sexy lace-inspired option, you can find it all in the Playtex wirefree range, and there’s even front closing options if that’s your preference.

Underwire bras

Who said underwire bras need to be uncomfortable? Definitely not Playtex. No matter your size or shape, there’s an underwire bra perfect for your body, and they’re designed to give you maximum comfort and support at all times.

There are bras with side support, shaping minimisers, smoothing bras and underwire bras designed for extra lift. If you’re a fan of lace, you’ll also find something beautiful for you in the Playtex underwire bra range.

Forever working to improve the comfort and support provided by their underwire bras, Playtex put a lot of focus in creating the right fit for all shapes and sizes. So, if you want to look good, feel great, and step out with confidence, you can’t go wrong with Playtex underwires.

Lace bras

Let’s be honest – the bras you want to wear for comfort and support during the day aren’t necessarily the same ones you want to wear when evening comes around. But Playtex takes a different view. Why can’t women have both? Beautiful, sexy bras don’t need to be uncomfortable, and bras made with comfort in mind don’t have to be plain and boring!

If you’re dressing up in something a little glamorous for a night out with friends or an important event, you’re going to want a bra that compliments your outfit, gives you the right support, and makes you feel like the sexy woman you are. Fortunately, Playtex give you plenty of options.

Lace bras from Playtex can be found in underwire and wirefree varieties, with some designed for lift and some designed for side support and shaping. You really can’t go wrong when you find your next glamorous lace bra from the Playtex collection!

Active bras

The modern woman enjoys an active life. From hitting the gym to pounding the pavement to starring on the sports field, there’s plenty of reasons you may find yourself in need of a super-supportive sport bra. If there’s one time in your life that you really need that extra support, it’s when you’re exercising or getting active.

Playtex deliver the goods once again in this area, providing active sports bras to make you feel great as well as supported. You can even find active bras in both underwire and wirefree options, meaning whatever your comfort preference, there’s something perfect for your needs. Don’t leave it to chance when you’re getting active – choose Playtex for all the support you need!

Sustainable production

Playtex are committed to continually evolving their sustainability practices. Recognised as a leader among larger fashion brands for their commitment to putting people and the planet first, Playtex means what they say when they talk about sustainability.

Playtex are always striving for ways to put an end to unethical sourcing practices and the exploitation of workers in the fashion industry, and they’ve even conducted extensive research into their employees’ wage levels throughout the world in a bid to ensure a better quality of life for all who play a part in the Playtex brand. They’re also working towards 2020 goals including a 50% reduction in water usage, 40% reduction in carbon emissions and energy use, and 100% diversion of landfill.

To support a company that supports the planet while offering you all the bra support you need, there’s no better option than Playtex!