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It's one of those things you take for granted but come to realise its importance when it has broken down - we're talking about the plumbing in your home or office. Whether your fridge is leaking or your toilet is clogged, the only thing worse is the timing; it always seems to happen on weekends or late at night. When you can't get a plumber in at the last minute to fix your problem, it's time to invest in a plumbing kit so you can do it yourself.

What do you need for DIY plumbing?

It doesn't hurt to have the right tools on hand when you're about to get dirty, but instead of forking out hundreds of dollars each time you need a new tool, you can buy them in a set and save money. eBay offers plumbing kits to help you cover the basics before you need to call the professionals.

One of the basic plumbing tools that you'll need is locking pliers or an adjustable spanner. They will both perform the same task for when the job requires a big push. For those smaller jobs in tight spots, needle-nose pliers work best. Your kit should also come with a basin wrench, which as the name suggests, is used for under the sink. Another important tool that you'll need is plumber's tape, which is simply made from Teflon. This will guarantee a good seal on leaky pipes such as kitchen taps, bathtubs or shower heads.

Ensure your plumbing kit has all the essentials before you commit to a purchase. When you want to buy plumbing tools, look no further than eBay. You can find a range of plumbing tools and home plumbing fixtures online at great prices. Whether you're a DIYer or a professional plumber, you are sure to find the right kit to suit your level of experience. Shop with confidence when you buy high quality products at the most competitive prices in Australia.