Stay warm when the temperature drops with women's plus size leather jackets on eBay

If you’re looking for a jacket that is as durable as it is warm, as timeless as it is stylish – leather is a fantastic option. The history of using leather in fashion dates right back to the Stone Age, where they really had no other choice but to wear animal skin to keep warm. Today though, leather is always present on catwalks around the world, and whether you prefer real or faux leather, it’s stylish and comfortable!

Leather or faux leather

The choice of buying leather versus faux leather comes down to a few things – personal preference, durability and price. Faux leather is synthetic. It’s made from a plastic base and it’s treated with wax or dye to create the colouring and the leather-like texture. It has a similar look to genuine leather, but it won’t last as long. The more you wear it, the more it will crack and fade, whereas real leather jackets will develop a patina as it ages, which adds to the beautiful rustic leather look we love.

Genuine women's leather coats and jackets are unique. Because leather comes from animal hide, there’s no repeat manufacturing. Every jacket is different, with scars and stretchmarks forming part of the design, as well as inconsistent pores and marks that provide the distinctive design. No two real leather jackets are exactly the same!

If time isn’t an issue, women's faux leather coats and jackets are a great option.

Looks great

The best thing about plus size leather coats and jackets for women is that they look great with everything. Black, brown or white – your leather jacket can look amazing with pants, skirts, even over the top of your favourite summer dresses!

With sizes up to 7XL, eBay is the place to turn for plus sized leather jackets. Choose your favourite colour, from a vibrant red to a country yellow, through to elegant black or chic brown, and search the designs, with your choice of waist-length, to hip, or classic trench style. Happy shopping!