Plastic Toolboxes and Tool Storage Solutions

Home tools housed in a storage container extend their lifespan and keep them within easy reach. Depending on how and where you use your tools, a portable bag, rolling tool box or organiser transports and stores tools, parts and accessories.

Plastic Tool Bags Storage Solutions

Grab your plastic tool bag and head out the door to your next job. Bags with pouches and compartments serve as on-the-job workstations to separate tools or store drill bits, batteries and other small accessories.

Plastic Tool Boxes Storage Solutions

Use individual plastic tool storage boxes that have handles and inside trays or free-standing units with drawers to store nuts, bolts and other parts.

Plastic Tool Organisers Storage Solutions

Plastic tool organisers include multiple compartments to stack in tiers on a floor or mount on a wall. You can label each drawer to identify its contents.