Plus Size Skirts for Women

Plus Size Skirts

When you have a curvy silhouette, it can be tricky to find plus size clothing that suits your body shape and makes you feel comfortable. Plus size skirts for women are versatile and come in many designs. The best design is one you feel great in, but if you’re looking to make the most of your figure, there are some choices that flatter your shape better than others.


If you have larger legs, the temptation is to cover them, but midi-length skirts often end at the widest part of your leg which can be unflattering. A plus size mini skirt might seem like a daring option but they end at a curvaceous part of the leg, which defines your natural shape. Knee-length skirts are also good options, or an ankle-length maxi if you prefer to keep it long.


Most fashion experts agree that the a-line skirt and the pencil skirt are great options for curvier figures. An A-line skirt can help skim over heavier legs and bottoms, while creating an hourglass silhouette. Pencil skirts are great for women with a heavier middle. For maximum advantage, pencil skirts should be fitted but not skin-tight.


An important consideration when choosing the material for your plus size clothing is how it fits on you and how it drapes your body. The material should not cling uncomfortably. Woven materials made of natural fibers like linen skirts are a good choice, but these fabrics often don’t offer much stretch. Otherwise, a fabric that is firm but offers some stretch will be the best choice to accentuate your curves but skim over problem areas.


Bright, patterned fabrics will draw attention to an area, but dark colours divert attention away. If you have wider shoulders, you might choose a fabric pattern that is eye-catching and evens out your silhouette. If your hips are wide, choosing a solid material and colour, such as a black denim skirt, will visually slim down your problem areas. Vertical pinstripes can draw the eye up and down, slimming and lengthening your figure.