Pocket AM/FM Radios

Pocket AM and FM Radios

A pocket radio is a great choice for those that enjoy listening to the radio whilst on the move. Portable radios provide you with access to all the AM/FM frequencies in your area, and they are compact and easy to use. While mobile phones are often used to listen to digital audio, many of them are not equipped with a radio receiver, meaning there is still a demand for portable radios. Whether you enjoy listening to the news, talk back radio or music, there is a portable AM/FM radio to suit your needs.

AM vs. FM – What is the Difference?

AM and FM broadcasts both work in a similar way, but FM has a few advantages over AM. AM stands for amplitude modulation, whilst FM stands for frequency modulation. The strength of an AM signal can vary, which usually results in static, whereas an FM signal will always be clear as the frequency is variable. AM signals can be received more easily, and can be transmitted further than FM. Another advantage of FM is that it has a higher sound quality, because it uses more bandwidth. This provides the listener with a superior audio experience.

Different Types of Pocket Radios

There are a few different types of portable radios, and they each suit a different need. If you are looking for something that is easy to use and portable, then a standard pocket radio will suit. These usually have an inbuilt speaker which provides good quality audio. If you are very active and involved in sports, then a walkman might be more preferable. These are usually very slim so they can usually be attached to your arm, and you listen to the audio using earphones/headphones.

Extra Features

When shopping for a portable radio, you may notice that some brands have a few extra features. These may include things such as inbuilt flashlights, the ability to listen to your own MP3 files using a USB or SD card and the ability to connect to other devices using a Bluetooth connection. If you like to listen using headphones, then look for a portable AM/FM radio with a headphone jack. Consider whether you think you would benefit from any of these features, but do note that you may pay a little bit more for them.

Analog vs. Digital Radio

Some portable radios are analog, whilst others are digital. Digital radio is a new innovation, and it is a good choice if you want uninterrupted listening. Analog signals can be disrupted by walls, bad weather and other impediments, while digital signals will always remain clear no matter the surroundings. There is also a wider variety of channels and programs to listen to on digital radio, and if the device you are purchasing comes with a screen, you will be able to read current updates and names of songs provided by the station you are tuned in to.