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Pogo Sticks

You may not have thought about pogo sticks since childhood, but there are actually a number of great reasons to consider purchasing one, whether for yourself or the beloved child in your life.

Benefits of Pogo Sticks for Kids

Many people today worry about kids spending too much time looking at screens indoors. Even if the kid in your life isn’t a sport lover, you can still encourage them to enjoy the benefits of being active outside by buying them a pogo stick. They’ll have so much fun, they will forget about the great workout they are doing, and isn’t that the best form of exercise?

Pogo Sticks are Fun for All Ages

Even though pogo sticks are often deemed a kids’ toy, did you know that adults can also enjoy pogo sticks? For example, the Wall Street Journal, recently interviewed a 66 year old paediatric neurosurgeon who has been having a great time using a pogo stick to help boost his bone density since his osteopenia diagnosis. As lowered bone density can cause a range of health issues as people age, this is just one reason to consider investing in a pogo stick.

Important Safety Tips for Using Pogo Sticks

While pogo sticks are for fun, there are also important safety tips to keep in mind when using pogo sticks. Pogo sticks will always come with weight range guidelines, and it’s vital to stick to these to ensure your body is safely supported. It’s also important to only use the stick only on a hard surface, and not soft, sandy or grassy surfaces. Protect your feet by always wearing shoes when you use a pogo stick as well.

Other Outdoor Toys Available

Even if you’re not sure if a pogo stick is right for the kid in your life, there are a vast range of other outdoor toys available online. From kites, trampolines, swings and toys you’ve never even heard of before, it’s easy to track down the perfect toy.

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