PSA 10 Pokémon cards

If you’re serious about collecting Pokémon cards, you probably want some certainty that a card is worth something before you buy it. That’s why many traders have their cards professionally graded by a service like Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). With confirmation of a card’s grade, you can determine its value. In fact, some cards with minor print defects or other flaws can actually be quite valuable, although the card itself still needs to be in great condition.

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What is PSA?

Professional Sports Authenticator is one of the largest third-party card grading services in the world. They use a 10-point grading system to analyse the value of trading cards. This isn’t limited to Pokémon cards, with PSA handling everything from Yugi Oh cards to Scanlens footy cards. Basically, if you want your cards checked to see how valuable they might be, PSA is one of the biggest names you can use.

When they grade a card, they look at a number of different things to determine a card’s value. They also provide a formal acknowledgement of the card’s condition and value. Professional card traders rely on this information to determine whether a card is worth a lot of money, or nothing at all.

The PSA grading checklist

Cards can range from Poor through to Gem Mint, and it basically works on 10 different points, which are as follows:

  • 1 – Poor
  • 1.5 – Fair
  • 2 – Good
  • 3 – Very Good
  • 4 – Very Good/Excellent
  • 5 – Excellent
  • 6 – Excellent/Mint
  • 7 – Near Mint
  • 8 – Near Mint/Mint
  • 9 – Mint
  • 10 – Gem Mint

In terms of what PSA looks for, it can be a number of things to determine a card’s rarity, such as if the image is out of focus, miscut, marked, off-centre or has a print defect. So, if you want a level of certainty around a card’s value, look for Pokémon cards with professional PSA 10 grading