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Poker Chips

As much fun as playing card games and poker is, it can be even more fun when keeping score. Different games generally have their own means of keeping track and for poker, it’s through collecting chips. Poker chips not only let you keep track of who’s ahead, they also add the art of bluffing into the mix, elevating the level of play.

Poker Chip Styles

Given their simple purchase, it’s surprising how much poker chips can vary between one set and another. Chip sets come in a range of sizes, often including between 100 to 500 chips, so that you can pick a set size appropriate to how many people are playing. The chips themselves can differ greatly in their physical size and weight, which are often designed to feel like regular casino chips.

Poker Chip Sets

Aside from the chips, many poker chip sets also include a range of other miscellaneous parts to help you play. These can include a set of dice, buttons to identify the ‘dealer’, ‘big blind’ and ‘little blind’ and several decks of cards with which to play. The buttons for ‘big blind’ and ‘little blind’ help you keep track of who’s turn it is to put in a mandatory bet.

Playing Cards

While most poker chip sets include several decks of cards, you can also find new or additional playing cards seperately. These can range from your ordinary playing cards to cards used in games like Uno, bridge and rummy. These cards can differ in a number of ways from poker playing cards, for instance in size, number or type.

Protective Chip Case

With so many pieces involved with a poker chip set, having a case is almost essential to keep it all together. Often the chip sets come in an aluminium case, lined with felt or velour and dedicated spots to organise your chips and cards.