Poker Chips

Experience Las Vegas in your living room with quality poker chips

If youre a fan of poker, youll love our selection of professional quality poker chips here on eBay. From clay chips to card games and complete casino poker sets, you can experience the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home. Shop for the best deals for poker chips on eBay and find high-quality poker chips for your next playing card and poker game night.

Poker Chip Set

All players will have a use for a casino poker card game set that includes everything you need in an aluminium case. Poker sets will make you feel like youre in a real casino with everything from playing cards to chips, dice, dealer buttons and poker buttons.

Casino Poker Chips

Casino poker chips make a normal card game of poker seem more professional. Theyre great for a poker game with friends and family and are ideal for home use or for use in a real casino. Theyre available in a range of different materials, colours and values, so you can choose the right poker chips for your individual needs. Most chips weigh around 11.5 grams, which is the perfect weight for poker chip tricks, playing card games and home use.

Casino Chip Accessories

Whether you want clay poker chips or metal chips with rounded edges, youre sure to find the right poker chips for the poker table. The chips and other casino accessories can be used in casino games such as Russian roulette, poker and blackjack. Other useful poker items include playing cards and dice.

Aussie Currency Chip Range

You can buy Aussie currency poker chips that perfectly mimic the colourful Australian national currency. This is great for players who want an authentic game of poker using relevant currency chips. Many of these poker sets come with a wide variety of denominations.