Fireplace Pokers, Tools and Sets

The proper fireplace pokers, tools and sets help make easy work of cleaning out and managing the fireplace. Choose tools designed specifically for fireplace management as they will have the high heat tolerance necessary. When you invest in the right fireplaces and accessories, you can rest assured that managing your fire is easy to do. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing from the fireplace pokers available.

Steel Fireplace Pokers, Tools and Sets

Steel fireplace pokers work well because of their high tolerance for heat. They are a bit more modern as well. When choosing them for a fireplace, be sure to select those made of heavy gauge steel. Those with a powder coating also provide the benefit of not rusting.

Brass Fireplace Pokers, Tools and Sets

Brass is a classic option. A brass poker creates a bit of nostalgia. Choose this option when other metals in the room are also brass, such as the fireplace surround or the details of the bellows used. Many have an antique brass plating over iron, which increases durability.

Cast Iron Fireplace Pokers, Tools and Sets

Cast iron is one of the best options for long-term durability. Fireplace tools made out of cast iron or wrought iron offer a traditional look. Though they can be a bit heavy, they are generally the most common option in fireplace tools. Buyers should choose those designed with the desired detailing. Some cast iron pieces are more decorative than functional.

Branded and Unbranded Fireplace Pokers, Tools and Sets

Choosing a fireplace poker and tool set should be about the material, types of tools available and the look of them. Don't just focus on a branded poker kit. It does not need to match the fireplace brand, though it can. Choose those with a poker, tongs, scoop and broom. Invest in a set designed to offer the right look for your space in the right metal.