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Vintage Polaroid cameras

In a world of camera phones and tablets, of being able to take dozens of photos in a couple of seconds and delete them a moment later – it’s official: the need for the Polaroid camera is back! For that vintage feel and more spontaneous photo experience, a Polaroid instant camera really delivers the goods. When did we all get so precious about how we appear in photos? Some of the very best moments are captured when no one is quite ready for the flash to go off – and this is the wonderful, hit-and-miss and often hilarious nature of the Polaroid camera. The couple of minutes of suspense as you wait for the instant photo print to develop makes seeing the outcome all the more fun – especially, it could be said, if the photo is absolutely terrible. Without being able to instantly delete them, we can learn to enjoy these funny, undignified moments again. Browse a great online range of vintage Polaroid instant cameras and retro-style new ones, and compare prices and models the easiest way possible.

Buying photographic film online

If you haven’t previously owned a Polaroid camera – quick tip: stock up on film too! If you purchase a true vintage camera you’ll need to find the precise film for that model, and even if you buy a new one, the film that comes with it won’t last long once you start getting snap happy. Buying online is absolutely the best way to find the exact camera film you need and buy it in bulk if you plan on using your camera frequently.

Film photography – finding everything you need

If a Polaroid instant camera isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are many more options for film cameras to be found online. For all the advantages and the convenience of shooting on digital, there is still something magical about film photography. Browsing online with eBay will give you the best possible selection of new and second-hand film cameras from major brands such as Canon, Nikon and Fuji. From genuine vintage film cameras to new models designed to provide a traditional shooting on film experience, you’ll be able to choose from a great range of prices on entry level to professional equipment.