Polaroid Cameras

These days, if you don’t take a photo of something to show everyone, it didn’t happen. People post photos to social media of their beach trips, their friends, and their food. Polaroid is a company that has been around 1937, and despite the technology of photography changing, they have managed to both move along with the times, and keep the ‘vintage’ feel present. The resurgence of old-style cameras but made from modern material has brought Polaroid back into the spotlight, and you can own one for yourself today.

Vintage Instant Polaroid Cameras

If you want to own a piece of photography history, vintage Polaroid cameras are still available to purchase. Deceptively simple, their make-up allows them to still work, majorly outliving their modern rivals. They are quite bulky, but portable, and it won’t take you long to find one that has been kept in excellent condition.

Modern Instant Polaroid Cameras

Revamping their products to make them smaller and better looking, Polaroid came out with their new range of digital instant cameras. Prices vary rather greatly, with cheap mini versions still in packaging costing to ultra-modern versions complete with special features at premium costs. Special features include: self-timer, optional Polaroid border, SD card slot, and an advanced integrated printer. Coming in a range of colours, they print photos that will be free from smudges, are water-resistant and tear-resistant, and everyone in the family will want one.

Polaroid Instant Camera Paper

Of course you can’t have a Polaroid instant camera without a healthy supply of Polaroid camera film paper. Once again you will be spoilt for choice. Selections include regular photo paper, self-adhesive photo paper, coloured frames, metallic frames, and so much more.

Polaroid Accessories

If you are still looking for more, online sellers at eBay also have accessories for Polaroid instant cameras. These include carry bags, leather cases, mini albums, and of course extra batteries for those long photoshoots.