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Adding to the Tool Collection

What's one more tool in the collection? For anyone who has trees on their property, a pole saw can be a handy addition to the tool collection in the workshop. Also known as a pole chainsaw or a pole pruner, a pole saw is a small chainsaw on an extendable pole, designed for pruning trees and hedges. Getting a professional in to do some landscaping and pruning can be pretty expensive. So for anyone who wants to save some money in the long-term, a pole saw can be a great alternative. However, that initial cost is certainly not cheap, so it's best to choose the right pole saw, first time.

Buying a Pole Saw

When buying a pole saw, it's important to think about how long it needs to be. Most pole saws range from around 2.1 metres to 2.7 metres, but some are extendable up to a maximum of 3.2 metres. Think about the height of the trees, bushes or hedges that need to be pruned, bearing in mind that trying to control something of substantial weight at the end of a very long pole, can get somewhat tricky.

With this in mind, it's a good idea to think about the weight of the pole saw. While it may sound light, and while it may feel light when it's first picked up off the ground, that 'light' weight may feel a lot heavier after holding it in the air for half an hour. The type of pole saw and its power source will usually affect the weight. A corded pole saw can be a good option for light pruning jobs, but the battery generally won't last longer than an hour. An corded model can be better, but pruning work will be limited to within range of a power outlet. For bigger jobs, a petrol-powered pole saw is usually best, but these models can be heavier and noisier than their electric cousins.

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