Police Collectables and Memorabilia

There has always been a demand for police collectables. Part of it is the same desire that drives the demand for all historical memorabilia, that combination of nostalgia and the need for a tangible connection to the past. Like firefighting collectables, police collectables combine that aura of danger with public service. From badges to uniforms, there are police collectables for every interest.

Australian Police History

Depending on how you trace it, policing has been a part of Australian society for a very long time. The earliest civilian police date back to 1789, with the Night Watch in Sydney, while the South Australian Police was founded in 1838 and has been continually administered as a single organisation ever since. With over two centuries of history behind it, Australian policing has given rise to a wide range of collectables.

Reasons for Collecting

The two main reasons for collecting are for personal pleasure or investing. Investors tend to consider value above all, especially future value and are extremely concerned about condition. Collectors invest the most in the personal connection, and while condition matters sometimes it's more important to complete your set than to worry about its precise condition. Whatever your reason for collecting Police memorabilia, it's a hobby anyone can enjoy.

What to Collect

Badges have always been popular collectables; small, durable and attractive they are easy to find and easy to display. A good badge collection can easily fit in one room. Other collectable choices include period uniforms, as well as guides and manuals. Those who cannot find whole uniforms may collect buttons. There are lots of options.

Value and Collectables

While everyone knows that supply and demand drive the value of collectables; it's vital to remember that it is the demand that's most important. If nobody wants something, it doesn't matter how rare it is. Even condition pales in importance next to that single rule.