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Poly Pipe

Poly Pipe

Poly pipe has been produced in Australia since the mid-1950s and used in applications from domestic water supply to industrial irrigation pipes and agricultural applications. They are now available in all range of diametres, up to around 2,000mm, and are considered among the most versatile and widely used of all plastic pipe systems. Poly pipes outstanding physical properties and performance benefits make it the ideal choice for any piping system.

Corrosion Resistant

One of the most costly issues associated with metal piping systems is corrosion, which can affect both the inside and outside of the pipe and impact its hydraulic efficiency. Poly pipe doesnt rust, rot, or corrode and is resistant to biological growth, meaning an extended service life and long-term savings.

Leak-Free Joints

Traditional piping infrastructure is joined with bell and spigot or mechanical-type joints, all of which can have issues with leaking. Poly pipes can be joined using heat fusion to ensure leak-free joints, which can significantly reduce unnecessary water loss. Heat fusion involves the heating of both surfaces and bringing them together into a permanent joint. Alternatively, you can join your poly pipes with stab or mechanical fittings that meet your pipe size and application.

Environmentally Friendly

While poly pipe has some impressive physical and performance characteristics, it is also an environmentally-friendly solution to your piping needs. It takes less energy to manufacture than concrete pipe and is lightweight, reducing the energy demands of transport. Its flexibility and heat fusion fitting means that fewer elements are required to install poly pipe and it requires less ground disruption due to its smaller size. Another benefit of poly pipe is that it doesnt release potentially hazardous toxins, either during manufacture or into the ground.

Sized to Suit Your Needs

Whether youre installing pipes to supply water to your home or needing a practical and durable solution for your industrial irrigation hoses, poly pipe can be purchased in lengths and widths to suit your requirements. You can also find plassons made from high-grade copolymer material, including wall plates and joiners.

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